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Data Acquisition and Processing

The Data Coordination Center (DCC) is home of the IDCRP’s data management and data processing professionals. The DCC staff provides expertise in clinical data management systems, data collection instrument development, data validation and data analysis preparation.

The DCC utilizes multiple systems that allow us to receive data in either paper or electronic format. Our primary system is ClinPlus, a traditional desktop/laptop based electronic data capture system. In the past year, we greatly expanded use of our mobile-based data acquisition system Mi-Forms.

The DCC received industry and government awards for innovative use of mobile technology to expand beyond the boundaries of traditional data collection and methodologies.  IDCRP uses Mi-Forms to capture research data in challenging environments, and enroll subjects who may seek medical care at places other than our U.S.-based medical treatment facilities, as well as to conduct in-person surveys electronically. The DCC also acquires survey and other types of data via the web-based Qualtrics and via scanned standardized forms.  


  • Continued integration of the Military Health System Data Repository as both a primary and secondary data source for IDCRP studies
  • Setup of a IDCRP-wide centralized Data Dictionary and user interface to facilitate cross-study and external collaborations
  • Finalization of data collection subject matter domains and standardized CRFs to allow fast response to begin analysis of emergent diseases
  • Completion of the project with external vendor to assess compliance of the Mi-Forms data capture system with FDA regulations related to mobile, offline data acquisition systems

IDCRP DCC Lead FedCASIC 2015 Workshops

The IDCRP Data Coordination Center lead four workshops at the FedCASIC 2015. The FedCASIC workshops are held annually, sponsored by the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. CASIC is an acronym for Computer Aided Survey Information Collection, and these workshops are an opportunity for government employees and contractors to present and discuss new, novel, and effective methodologies for collection of data via computer. This year's theme is "Reengineering Survey Design Through Technological Innovation."

IDCRP presentations at FedCASIC 2015: